What I Bought in the January Sales

So my plan this year was not to buy anything in the sales, and save the extra money for spending in Disneyland when we go in 10 days (ahhh!). As the title of this post betrays – I did not stick to this plan. Instead I got tempted by a few bits and pieces. Although to be fair, this counts as moderate at best compared to what the majority of blogging folk spend in the sales.

The first store I visited was Zara, who always have some gems in the sale. Now that I am home and looking at the tag, this first shirt was not actually in the sale (doh!) but we’re going to include it just because. This beautiful shirt features gorgeous animals – I’d like to think I would wear it in the back of a Jeep on an African Safari. Its actually a small, because I could not find my size, but I loved it so much I thought that, if need be, I can always shrink down into it.

Anyone who knows me should know that Giraffe’s are my absolute favourite animal. My dream holiday is to Giraffe Manor in Kenya, where the giraffes roam freely and visit you at your window – heaven! A year ago I had this bizarre few months where I started looking into zoo licencing and seeing how hard it would be to create my own mini zoo and have a couple of giraffes – I know (I blame We Bought a Zoo – that film is too pure for its own good. Anyway, I naturally had to get my hands on this beautiful shirt when I saw it. It is fraying slightly, hence its sale price, but I think a little TLC will fix it up just fine. This shirt is actually an extra large, although it appears smaller than the small. UPDATE: After trying both on I can confirm the sizing is one size out at best. Sizing is weird.

I was happy with my two shirts until Mum, as mums do, found something pretty. She pointed out this bag and I knew I had to get it. I love the florals of this clutch and I don’t really have any bags like this.

I have multiple pieces from every Cath Kidston x Disney collection there has currently been. I bought my mum a lanyard from the current Bambi collection before I brought myself anything from it (if that’s not love I don’t know what is). The Bambi prints are some of my favourite of the collaborations to date, so I couldn’t resist buying a few things when they added the collection to the sale.

I have tea towels from every other collection. It’s a weird thing for me to keep buying. I think a two tea towel rule would do most people fine. But in our house we have a whole draw full, and now the draw is so full it cannot close. Adding to the, admittedly minor, problem is this set of towels, one in the beautiful Bambi print and the other featuring everyone’s favourite bunny on a mission, Thumper.

Speaking of Thumper, I also picked up a £4 beaker in the sale. Its super cute and is a safe cup to have on my bedside table – lately my dreams are becoming more vivid and I’m physically lashing out in the night. There have been a lot of spills.

I got my mum a cute washbag from the Disney store in preparation for the Disneyland trip, and I really wanted this washbag for me. I can’t tell if we’re cute or just really, really odd.

I picked up this luggage tag, also from the Bambi range. It is already attached to my hand luggage – eager much!

I got this beautiful charm from the Pandora sale for just £20. It’s Tinkerbelle’s shoe, and I’m so excited to add it to my Disney bracelet. Obviously this will also be worn throughout the Disney trip.

I’ve done haul videos on my previous youtube channel where I’ve had to ask myself the question – do I or do I not show the internet my underwear. My rule is that if it still has the tags on I can share away. Hence, despite buying 9 pairs of knickers from Victoria’s Secret in the sale, I only have 7 to show you today. And no, I definitely did not buy new pants to avoid doing the laundry…

Again, this is also not on the sale, but I was so excited to share it with you! This is a new launch from Disney, featuring the adorable Snuggly Duckling logo from Tangled. It’s too cute!

I have a lot of boots in my wardrobe, and if I’m honest, none are particularly comfortable enough to walk more than a couple of hours in. Obviously a trip to Disney includes a lot of walking, so I picked up two pairs of trainers in the ASOS sale. This first pair has a huge platform which should protect my feet when I’m roaming the park.

I use this Disney gift wrap all the time, so when my local store cut the price from £2 to £1 I had to buy 5 sets and stock up. Each pack includes 9 sheets of tissue paper, so its great value for money.

New socks for my new trainers with three of my favourite things – giraffes, Disney and gin.

This second pair of trainers were more expensive than the first as they are proper sports trainers from Adidas. I intend to use these at the park, and when I get back they will go straight into my gym kit.

For such a huge release, Disney did a fairly pathetic job with the product range they launched for the Nutcracker and the Four Realms. This cute notebook was one of the only things I saw, so I was even more surprised to see it in the sale. It comes complete with a pen and four different sets of sticky notes.

Poor Belle looks slightly worse for wear on this photo, and she could certainly do with a nose job. The damage is minor enough that we won’t be able to tell the difference when it’s on the tree, but it did get us 50%.

And that’s it – at least at the moment! This post could also be titled ‘Why I’m Poor’ or ‘The Spending Ban Begins Today’ as both are now true. I plan not to spend any more money until we get to Disney, allow myself to buy what I want there and then spend the rest of the year saving and paying off the current debt this holiday has caused. It has however already been a huge source of happiness, so I don’t regret it for one minute.

Let me know what you brought in the sales in the comments below.

Sophie x

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