What I got for Christmas 2018

I know, I’m late! As I discussed in my Reflections post, I got sick after Christmas and I’m still struggling. I finally felt up to doing to some photo’s yesterday, so I am finally able to show you all what I got for Christmas. I’m so grateful to my family and friends for gifting me so many beautiful things, I love you all so much.

The first present I received this year I actually opened a couple of weeks before the big day – I know. My darling Daisy told me to, and I’m glad I did. I actually collect the Disney Christmas ornaments, and Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favourite. I’ve got no idea how she managed to, but Daisy brought me the one BatB ornament I did not yet possess, this adorable Chip figure. Thank you for completing my set Daisy!

Do you like my mum’s elf?!

The other friend to give me gifts this year was my best friend Ellie. She has a knack for getting me the perfect gifts and this year was no exception. I am yet to open this Hotel Chocolat selection box – the chocolates look to good to eat. In addition Ellie gave me an experience pack from Next – a food/dining experience for two. Just skimming through the leaflet has me so excited to go somewhere fun. The problem now is that I have to choose who will go with me…

My mum is still my main present buyer, and she did really well this year! She got me a lot of things I asked for, and a couple of other lovely things. The theme of Disney was prevalent throughout, as I asked for a lot of things ready for our trip to Disneyland (no-one else knew of the plans yet, so it was a little in-joke just for me!). I asked for this Minnie Mouse bag when I saw it in the Disney store, I figured it would be perfect for something light to take around the park. I also got this super fun clutch, in the shape of the Beauty and the Beast VHS. I had to demonstrate the clutch function in the Disney store, as mum was baffled why I wanted/Disney were selling the VHS tape (we do of course, already have it from the 90s). Mum also got me the Pandora charm I asked for – Aurora’s signature pink.

I don’t think I can actually remember a birthday or Christmas were I haven’t received something Harry Potter themed. It’s been a love affair since I was five, and luckily for me the franchise has continued to develop exponentially guaranteeing new products to drop every single year. This year, Boots launched a collection of cosmetics. Mum got me these stunning makeup brushes – each one is a different characters wand AND they are rose gold (perfect much?). I also got a toy of sorts, this golden snitch which you can control with your hand, making it possible for you to try and catch the golden snitch – such fun.

My mum got my not so subtle hints re Charlotte Tilbury and gifted me two products. The first was the CT pencil sharpener. I always lose the sharpeners I buy, and this one is perfect as it is designed for the lip cheat pencils etc. from Charlottes own line. Secondly mum gave me the Palette of Pops Eyeshadow set in the beautiful Supersonic Girl. I love the pinks in this palette and I’m excited to sit down and have a play with the different looks it can create. The girls at the counter threw in a couple of samples: one magic cream (which is my current moisturiser), a Wonder Glow primer and a Magic Eye Rescue which I’m excited to try out.

I always ask for a diary for Christmas, ready to start planning the new year. As per usual, I got a diary is from Paperchase – not photographed as already in use and I forgot to find it! I loved the theme of the diary and each week has additional features inputted, like the section where you can track your sleep and water consumption. Also from Paperchase are some pretty pastel highlighters, which I look forward to using with the diary.

The last gifts I received from my mum were toiletries. My mum brought me a new soap for my en suite, its from method and its the green tea & aloe foaming hand wash. I also got a rather swanky luxury bath soak from Baylis & Harding in pink magnolia and pear blossom. I need to try this is in a relaxing bath asap.

My parents are separated, but my dad still comes to visit every Christmas morning. For the first time in years, my dad actually brought me something off the list I gave him – wireless & noise cancelling headphones. Now I know neither of these features are exactly new, but I’ve been using the same headphones for the last 6 years or so. They still had a jack connection, meaning that I haven’t actually been able to plug them into my phone for the past two years, as my iPhone obviously has the lightning connection now. My dad loves headphones; speakers – anything that he can listen to his music abnormally loud in. He got me these headphones and I’ve already tried them out in Starbucks – the noise cancelling feature is actually so so good. I also spent Boxing Day placing my phone in different areas of my house, testing how far the connection lasts. My mum did not seem impressed by my dancing to Queen when she was doing the washing up in the kitchen – sorry mum! My dad also got me this adorable little ring holder and a fun mermaid mug.

The final present my dad gave me is something really, really special. Before I begin, I should tell you that Pride and Prejudice has always been one of my favourite stories. I have so many copies of the book and I’ve read it countless times. The tv and film adaptations are some of my favourite things to watch – as each remind me of spending time with my mum, a fellow Austen fan. My grandmother (my dads mother) past away a few years ago. The two were close, and my dad has avoided going through a lot of her possessions until recently. He finally got around to searching through Grandma’s keepsake box. There were lots of special things in there, but only one book. Yes you got it, Pride & Prejudice. The only book dad found in all her main possessions. Sweet, right? But there’s more. It became apparent that the book was really quite old, so he carefully looked inside it. It turns out that this book was a gift to my grandma by her grandparents. It was given to her on Christmas Day, 1956, making it 62 years old. Dad has now entrusted the book to me for safe keeping. I only have a couple of family keepsakes currently, so this was an unbelievably special gift to receive.

The inscription to my Grandma <3

And that is everything! As I said at the beginning, I feel so lucky to have so many lovely presents this year. It amuses me that my mum actually apologised for not getting me many presents (!) as she was saving for Disneyland – which we are going to in LESS THAN A MONTH!!! I hope you all got some lovely things for Christmas – let me know in the comments below.

Sophie x

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