Harry Potter Studio Tour 2019

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour is one of my favourite places ever. For those who haven’t been, the tour in Leavesden (Watford, London) depicts the making of the Harry Potter franchise. I won’t try and explain how much I love Harry Potter (hint, its a lot) but I will say that I have lost track of how many times we have been to this tour. I want to say this was around visit 7 or 8, which is more than one trip a year. Yep.

Anyway, this was our first visit since they added Gringots and it was utterly spectacular. If you’re reading this and you haven’t already been a) why b) go now. You can get tickets here.

I’ve left a few shots from our trip down below. Let me know what you’re favourite part of the tour is if you have been already, or your poor excuses for why you haven’t yet gone.

Sophie x

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