Autumn Adventures at Stowe

A few weeks ago my mum & I were at a loss with what to do with our day. I was desperately trying not to go shopping (despite popular opinion I do have some self control) and my mum wanted to get out of the house. After some brainstorming, we agreed a walk would do us good and the idea of Stowe just popped into my head.

Stowe House is an 18th Century property in Buckinghamshire and boosts centuries of fascinating history. The famous landscape gardens are now owned by the National Trust and are popular with locals, families and dog walkers. As you can see, the leaves were just beginning to turn. The dark clouds created a trepid atmosphere for us as we wandered around the gardens. I must confess we got lost more than once; as for some reason I believed I had a better sense of direction than the map (big mistake; huge).

One of my favourite features of the gardens is the haunting Gothic Temple situated towards the top of a steep incline through a field of sheep (silence of the lambs anyone?). Approaching it genuinely makes my skin crawl; it looks like the perfect home for a den of vampires. Whilst I was taking my photos a loud bell chimed to mark the beginning of the hour – extra creepy as we had NO IDEA where the noise was coming from. If creepy is your thing, the National Trust are running activities through the half term before Halloween, 20-28th October. Find out more here.

The best thing about the Gothic Temple is that you can actually stay there! It is available to rent for a quiet getaway through the Landmark Trust. It is fully booked until December (at time of writing)  where the prices start at £603 for 4 nights (the property sleeps 4).

As we visited in August, we were fortunate enough to be able to enter Stowe House itself. The House is actually now a private school, hence it is only open during certain parts of the year. I only managed to take a handful of photos inside the house itself as it became apart that, though open to the public, the schools staff appeared to be in – presumably working hard to prepare for the new term.

Most enchanting to me, perhaps unsurprising for a girl who used to run around the house with a basket of books wearing her Belle dress, was the library. Rich and ornamental, the room has been adapted for modern student life – with desktop computers and new magazines housed within.

The price to enter Stowe Gardens is £12 adult or £6 child – or free if you are a National Trust member. You can book tickets here.

I hope you enjoy these photos – if I’m honest its been a long time since I used my Canon and I fear it shows. No matter – I have penciled a few slots in for the week to brush up on my photography skills. If anyone has any photography tips, or know any guides that are particularly helpful please let me know.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have another couple of minutes, I would recommend you checking out the September Wishlist I published the other day. Enjoy the rest of your week, I expect to post again in a couple of days time.


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