2019: Resolutions, Goals & Plans

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful celebration and are just about recovering from the night that was! My festivities consisted of sleeping until 10:30 then crawling onto the sofa to watch the fireworks before returning to my sick bed. But hey, things can only get better from here. In fact, I’m feeling very positive going into the year ahead. I’ve got some resolutions I want to enact, some goals I’m going to aim for and a couple of plans I wanted to share. Grab a coffee and a biscuit (or three) and lets get into it.

Like the majority of the population, I usually fail my resolutions within the first couple of weeks of the year. I either make them too specific or totally unrealistic. Or, I completely over anticipate my ability for change and visualise myself going from me to Gal Gadot within two weeks (fyi, it won’t happen this year either Sophie).

My main resolution for this year, as most peoples often are, regards my health. I will be healthier this year. That’s it. No more specific than that. 2018 saw my diet, exercise, sleep, weight and more fluctuated beyond control – and that’s just the physical side. Mentally, my health was an utter disaster, you can read my Reflections post for more on that. As I’m still struggling on all fronts, I’m keeping this resolution relaxed so I won’t get disheartened by failing. But there are things that I will aim for within health. I will try to eat three meals a day. I currently go for days without eating proper meals and its definitely having an impact on energy levels. I will eat more vegetables. I’ll have fewer takeaways – mum, you can break this one to your son! I will go back to the gym – even if it’s only once a month. I will monitor my weight and act quicker when it begins to increase. I will follow my doctors advice because, amazingly, he does know better than you Sophie. I will try to smile more. And do more things that make me happy. If I only manage a couple of these things, I’ll be in a much better place than I was last year.

My main goal is money-focused. As I’ve not been working, my income is all but non-existent until I manage to get back into the office. At the same time, my mums health has deteriorated forcing her to go to part time hours, so we’ve certainly felt the pinch recently. I’d like to get on top of our finances this year, with the goal to pay off the current credit cards I have. After my wage has covered the bills, I will put 40% towards the credit cards, and 25% into savings.

We are planning to move house next year, but there is a lot we need to do before that can happen. My family and I have lived in the house we are currently in for almost 20 years. And in all that time I cannot recall us having a single clear out. Our house is hence filled with clutter, from my GCSE coursework (that I completed 9 years ago) to every Christmas card I’ve ever gotten. My bedroom doubles as a storage unit, with everything I can’t quite bare to part with stacked in boxes and on bookcases. This year I aim to declutter the entire house, only keeping necessities and sentimental items. After that, we will be able to get the house valued, and know what our budget is for looking at new homes to buy – mum and I currently arrive at show homes and fall in love with homes that are certainly out of our price range. The savings I make this year will be primarily for a new home, I’d like to save a strong amount for a deposit.

It is pretty obvious, but I feel like I should put down that I am aiming to go back to work this year. Soon, I hope. I need the income obviously and I’d like some more structure to my life. I also miss a few of the girls in the office, so it would be great to see them again. A dream goal of mine would be to become a full-time blogger, yet as I am yet to make a single penny from any of my blogging ventures in the past five years, this is obviously a long way off. So for now, returning to my office job if goal number one.

On the subject of blogging, I plan to dedicate a large amount of my time to this little corner of the internet. My main goal is to be consistent, at the moment I want to post once a week. I’m also excited to work on more of my own content. The anxiety I’ve had this year has stopped me from going out and taking photos and the depression has provided a lack of motivation for me to do so. I aim to push past this this year, and attend events and shoot (photos, not people) for myself.

In addition to blogging on Bumble then Bloom, I will be launching the accompanying youtube channel this month. It’s set up, you can go and subscribe now, but I won’t be posting a video until later this month. To begin with, I aim to post every fortnight, with the potential to go weekly if I can manage it. I’ll be posting everything from vlogs to fashion to beauty to travel – I will explain shortly – with the intention that the blog and channel will become joint Bumble then Bloom outlets. If there is anything that you would like me to blog about, or create youtube content on, leave me a message in the comments below. I would love to know your ideas.

I’m very excited to say that my family and I are going to Disneyland Paris in February! I booked the trip before everything went downhill last year, and mum and I have decided to go despite everything, as we need a little magic more than ever. I was so over excitable to tell my brother on New Years Day, his reaction was everything I hoped it would be – despite him now being 19 (how did that happen?!). I’m planning to create lots of content for both the blog and channel when I’m there, so expect a lot of characters running around come February.

My final goal, at least, that I can currently think of, is to be a better friend in 2019. The word I has been used a lot in the post, and in my reflections of 2018 post. It’s my blog, it’s my life, so it makes sense to an extent. But whilst I’ve been sick and low and tucked away I’ve managed to completely neglect my friends. Now I haven’t been the most fun person to be around, but my friends have still made an incredible effort to reach out to me. In comparison, I’ve avoided social interaction at all costs. I cannot tell you much about their 2018’s, because I only know the highlights. This year I will aim to carry on like I managed in December, where I met up with three of my friends – this might not sound like much, but for me this is huge.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your goals and resolutions for 2019 are in the comments below. I love reading about everyones plans, its so inspirational! Make sure you are following me on all the socials to keep up with me this year – it’s going to be a good one, I can feel it.

All my love, Sophie x

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